Monday, August 24, 2009

Weigh In and Weekend Review

Monday Morning Weigh In:
Since I didn't share my weight last week I am not sure what the difference in this week and then is. So I will just tell you that this morning I weighed 180.6 lbs. That is right at 3 lbs higher then my lowest point this summer and around 1 lb higher than I was when school let out back in June. Not too bad but I certainly didn't obtain my goal of losing 10 lbs over the summer. Today is our last teacher workday which means our last day to eat out for lunch. We are grilling out at my parents tonight so I plan on eating what I want today and then get back on schedule tomorrow. My first goal is to lose between 10 and 15 lbs before Halloween.

Weekend Review:

This weekend we had planned to out of town to visit my in-laws. We always leave our smallest dog with my parents when were not at home. So I dropped Boone off at my parents before going to work. While we were at lunch on Friday my dad got a call on his cell phone and I could tell that something was wrong. It was my mom calling him to tell him that my cousin's husband (they live down the hill from my parents) had hit Boone with his truck. They finally found Boone underneath the back deck and brought him to the vet where dad and I met them. He was very lucky and walked away with no injuries besides being a little sore and bruised.

Friday night, once we got to my in-laws, we went out to dinner at Hubs favorite restaurant. Saturday we went to breakfast and then did some shopping. Hubs got some great deals at Belk's. Saturday night we met my brother-in-law and his best friend and wife at Hooters. After that we headed to this hole in the wall biker bar. It ended up being a wild night with me being the designated driver (which I do not mind). Sunday we didn't make it to church (hence the late night before) but did meet up for some delicious Mexican lunch before coming home. Sunday evening was spent reading (Plain Truth is such great book!) and watching Lifetime Movies on TV.

He looks like he's sniffing me but he was actually trying to kiss me.
I was too busy smiling for the camera.

Ah, this ones better. On our way to dinner Sat. night.


Lori said...

You guys are so cute!!

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.

I think you look great!!

Your hair looks lighter. It looks good.

Lianna Knight said...

Oh no!! I hope your puppy is okay!!!