Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fall Fun

Now that school has started back it signals the end of summer for me. Which is fine because Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. I love everything about it.
Pumpkins could seriously be one of my favorite things in the world. I love the color, the smell, the taste, everything about them. I love to ride by and see pumpkin patches. I have a pumpkin candle for my classroom candle warmer already. I love Panara's pumpkin muffins and pumpkin spiced coffees. I have no less than 4 pumpkins on my front porch or in my yard from the months of September through the end of November.

Football, Football, Football. Every Sat. from the end of August through December or January (playoffs and Bowl games) are taken up by football. Friday nights are spent at the high schools games and Saturdays are either at our Alma Mater's or the University of South Carolina, and Sundays are reserved for the Carolina Panthers.
Scarecrows, mums, pumpkins (again) and hay. This is the fall scene in my front yard last year. I have not thought about what to do this year. Hubs fussed caused it killed the grass there but wasn't it cute?

One of my favorite things about the fall is the local county fair. I love everything about it. The smells, the rides, the food, and games. Hubs and I go with friends every year and have such a good time. I can't wait until this year. I think that we may also be going to the South Carolina state fair. I have been to SC's before and Hubs has been to NC's but we have never been to a state fair together.
There are so many other things that I love about Fall including: sweaters, jeans, the cooler weather, my birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, craft shows, and great TV shows.
Which season is your favorite? What are some things that you love about fall?


Kristy said...

I love fall too!!!
I always do a lot of fall decorations and buy new candles- hazelnut, mulberry, pumpkin pie spice, and apple pie!
Pretty much everything in your post is me too!

WaitingandHoping said...

The yard decoration is so cute!

I love fall just because of football season. We go to all the Friday night games in our hometown too. It is so much fun. The guys get fired up and all us girls just visit and play with the kiddos! And of course watch the band and cheerleaders! I've never been to a college game---besides the somewhat small university we graduated from....I would love to go to a Razorback football game! Someday!

Hope your first week back has been good!

Lianna Knight said...

I LOVE fall too. I have already spotted a cute little fall display at our local Hobby Lobby that I'm hoping will go on sale before too long :)

Lori said...

I love fall, too! Now you really got me in the mood to decorate!!