Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Wrap Up

I have seen several other blogs do this and thought I would follow suite since summer vacation will be ending for me next week. Here is our summer in pictures:

Went to the beach twice. First time with family and the second time with the women in my family.

Went to some graduations.
Were on a boat.

Watched my little brother get married to a wonderful girl!

Got to share in their special day. Walking down the aisle together again 3 years later.

Bachelorette parties... need I say more.

Hung out with my best friends.

Celebrated 3 wonderful (sometimes difficult) years of marriage.

More graduations and parties.

Attended 4 weddings so far.

Spent time with family.

Got dirty at the races.

We were so busy this summer but made a lot of great memories!

How did you spend your summer?

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WaitingandHoping said...

Great post! Enjoyed all the pictures!

We always eat out a lot the week before school starts too. Going back tomorrow. Lovely. Have a great year!