Friday, January 30, 2009

Can we say CRAZY!

So I finally got to watch the Bachelor last night. This week has been super busy for us and it was killing me to not see it. I was having to skim other's blogs just so I wouldn't accidentally come across something that would spoil it for us.
Let me start out by saying that Melissa could not get any cuter. I really think that he likes her a lot. Did you see how he kept pulling her to him?
I also thinks that he likes Jillian a lot to but they do seem more like friends then any of the others. She has a wonderful personality and could probably get a long with anyone.
Nikki has really bothered me the past 2 weeks with her constant whining and I was not surprised to see her go home.
Stephanie just pulls at my heart but she seriously needs to lose some of the accessories and makeup. I just don't think she will be the final one though.
I was surprised that he kept Naomi. She doesn't seem like his type. I think she will be the next one to leave.
Molly is my least favorite right now. She totally rubbed it in the other girls face when she came back the next morning. I think that he likes her and I see her being in the final 3 but not being the final 1.
So glad to see Megan and Lauren go home. Megan is super mean. Lauren acted crazy last night. Telling him to give her the rose and then getting mad and calling him out on it when he didn't. She is really cute but can you imagine having her for your teacher (hope she doesn't treat her middle schoolers like that).
I was sad to see Shannon go home just because you never knew what ridiculous thing she was going to do or say next. She added a ton of entertainment value to the show. He was never interested in her though and I think he finally got tired of her being psycho (BTW, Whitney I completely agree... her outfits are horrible and last night had to be the worst).
I haven't gotten a chance to watch The Biggest Loser yet but I plan on ctahcing up this weekend.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What is keeping me on track....

This is my 4th week doing WW and I wanted to share with ya'll a few of my new favorite things (that are actually good for this diet).

1- I shared my love of Fiber One bars yesterday. Let me just mention again that they are so yummy!

2- Water, water, water. I drink at least a gallon of water a day. I also get my exercise in running to the bathroom.

3- Thomas Whole Grain English muffins. This is a breakfast staple. I put a little spray butter and honey on mine and then toast them. So good and they keep you full for a long time.

4- WW Smartones meals. They are so easy to grab for a quick lunch. And so far I have not found one that I didn't like. Angel Hair Marinara is my favorite so far.
5- Weight Watchers Fudge Pops. These are so good that it is hard to beleive that they are only 1 point. Kind of pricey but worth it. Each popcicle is really big.

6-Whole Wheat Rotini. I use this in a lot of really tasty WW recipes. My cabinets are stocked with this now.

7-Subway: Turkey on wheat with pickles, black olives, lettuce, and mustard. I eat this at least twice a week. Get a foot long and take the other half for lunch the next day.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

Here are 3 things that I am thankful for this week:

1- New classes. After five months of teaching the same classes I am thrilled to have a new schedule for this semester. I do have the same students but now I get a 2 hour break in the afternoon instead of first thing in the morning. Which really helps separate the day.

2- Finishing Breaking Dawn; the 4th book in the Twilight series. It was so GOOD! I hated to see it come to an end and can't wait till the 2nd movie comes out.

3- Fiber One Chewy Chocolate bars. Yummy! These bars are delicious and really fill you up. All you girls that are following WW should try these.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Weigh-In

Last week was horrible for keeping up with my points. Since we didn't have any students last week a bunch of us went out to lunch everyday. Monday I had Pizza Hut and got a personal pan veggie pizza which was 12 points but I ate light that night and didn't go over. Tuesday we had Mexican for lunch and well, lets just say I ate way to many chips to count. Wednesday I had grilled chicken and a small salad which was good. On Thursday we went back to Mexican and this time I got chicken fajitas and even took my own tortilla shells that I know are only 1 point. I was pulling them out of my pocketbook. Friday we had pizza buffet and I didn't even try to be be good. And of course Carrabba's on Saturday night was off limits and the Chinese food after church Sunday. After all this I was very scared to get on the scale this morning. And was pleasantly surprised to see that I had lost 0.6 lbs. I was not expecting to lose anything.

I promise to do better this week!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Jenn over at First Comes Love... Then Comes Marriage posted this great game where you are given a letter and then have to list 10 things that you love beginning with the letter you are given.

My letter was "P". At first I thought this would be hard but you can see that I quickly cmae up with 10 things I love starting with P.

1- Prayer: Nothing eases your worries like prayer. Nothing makes me feel closer to my Lord than having a conversation with Him. When everything seems hopeless, prayer gives you the hope that you need to keep going. I begin each morning with a prayer and I know that I can face whatever comes at me because I have God on my side.
2- Pizza: Yummy! Who doesn't love a good pizza? My favorite toppings inlcude green olives, black olives, green peppers, mushrooms, and ham.

3- Parties: I love to plan and throw parties. Wedding showers, cookouts, game nights, holiday parties, birthday's, any kind of party.
4- Pajamas- Well, actually sweatshirts and sweat pants. I could spend all day in my jammies.

5- Pets: We have 3 dogs that we love so very much! Cheyenne is a husky, german shepard mix. Dallas is full blooded mutt. He looks like a golden retriever with very short legs. And then our youngest is Boone, a lasa asa and cocker spaniel mix. This was our Christmas card in 2006.
6- Pickles: Fried pickles to be exact although I do love regular pickles. If you have never tried fried pickles with ranch dressing you are really missing out. 7- Palm Trees: which makes me think of the beach and summer vacations. It also makes me think of our honeymoon. As long as I have been born my family has spent at least one week during the summer at Myrtle Beach, SC. Hubs and I visit the beach at least 4 times a year now including a week during the summer and a week at Christmas.
8- Polish: As in finger nail polish. I am a true believer that a Southern girl never leaves the house without her toe's painted. Even in the winter. You never know who will see your feet. I love dark pink or red. Usually I chose a deep red or burgandy for the winter.

9- Purses: You all know by now that I am a huge fan of Vera Bradley. I beleive that I have decided which style and pattern that I am going to get for Spring 09. Drumroll please....

10- Pictures: I always carry my camera with me. You never know when a photo-op will present itself. I will end this by sharing some of my favorite photos with ya'll.

My brother, Me, and Kirsten on my wedding day.

Kirsten and I at a summer cookout.

My family. I was the matron of honor at my best friends wedding. Isn't that a beautiful dress?

Now, wasn't that fun. If you want to join in just leave me a comment and I will assign you a letter.

Thankful Tuesday

Here is this weeks installment of Thankful Tuesday.

1- I am thankful for the end of the semester schedule. Last week we had exams and we don't start our new semester until next Monday. Yesterday was MLK Day so we were out and then the rest of the week we don't have any students. Does it get any better than that for a teacher?

2- Reality Television. I know this seems like a superficial thing to be thankful for but if it wasn't for these shows I wouldn't watch any TV. I love The Bachelor, The Biggest Loser, and of course American Idol. BTW, I am still loving Melissa and Jillian. Megan is a witch and I don't see how he doesn't see that. I am also not a fan of Molly. Shannon is weird and Hubs can do the best impression of her teeth. He kept me laughing last night. I am so glad that Erica is gone. Natalie needs to lay off the sunless tanner and get a personality. I am hoping that Megan and Shannon go home next week.

3- Snow. We got the first snow here last night. It was so beautiful! After going to college in the mountains where it snowed all the time I had decided that I could live without it. But it is very pretty when it is coming down. We didn't get a lot though.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday morning weigh in

Let me start off by saying that I did not do well with WW this weekend. I have done well for breakfast but Sat. for lunch I had a small cheeseburger and then for dinner I had whole flounder (which was fried) with a small baked potato. Sunday morning I did well for breakfast but then had Chinese for lunch and steak for supper. And to top it off I had a couple chocolate oatmeal cookies.
Which are so yummy but I knew I should not have had them. When we started this Hubs and I said that we would not count points on Saturdays but we should have done much better on Sunday. Needless to say I was not happy about having to weigh in this morning.

BTW, Hubs and I both weigh on Saturday morning's too. When I weighed on Sat. I had lost 3 lbs. But then when I weighed this morning I had gained 1 lb back. UGH!!! So my total weight loss for this week is:

Which is great but I wish I would have had better self control on Sunday and not have gained that pound back. I am going to try really hard this week to lose at least 3 lbs.
I am trying a new WW recipe tonight so I will let ya'll know how it turns out.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Please lift up your prayers for baby Harper and Braydon. Also, remember their families during this time of need. God knows their needs and I pray that He will hold them close.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Family and Friends Friday

Today's special friend is:

Michelle and I went to jr. high and high school together. We lived very close to each other growing up and always seemed to be together. We both played basketball in school and often spent afternoons and weekends working on our shot. I am so honored to know this wonderful woman. She is a strong Christian and amazing mom (to Gramm, isn't he adorable) and wife. Michelle has been such a help to me during our struggle to have a baby. While we don't get to see each other nearly as much as we would like; I know that we will be friends for life.

Also, stop by The Pink Potpourri and enter the drawing for a fabulous giveaway. She is offering a blog page makeover by Teale's Digi-Designs. They are all so cute!

I wanted to cheat so bad last night. It was so cold here and I really wanted something warm to eat. Hubs wouldn't let me though. He definitely has more will-power than me. So instead we went to the gym and then hit up Subway on the way home. Turkey on wheat, no cheese, mustard, pickles, lettuce, and olives. YUMMY!! I will be cooking something WW friendly for us tonight.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This post will be very random as I don't really have anything entertaining to post about.
1) WW is going great! I have been craving pizza so I tried the tortilla pizza recipe from All Things Fluffy, Fashionable, and Famous. It was delicious! On Monday I recreated her taco recipe and they were really good also. I plan on trying the Fiesta Rotini sometime this week.
2) I went to the dr. yesterday for my 2nd ultrasound of the month. Everything looked great and I had ovulated so I started my progesterone pills last night. This is my 3rd cycle of Femara and each month I have ovulated on it. SO obviously it is doing something right.

3) This week is exam week which means that instead of 4 classes we only have 2 each day. But that also means that each class is 3 hours long. Which is way to much time.
4) I know that many of you are as hooked on The Bachelor as I am. I am torn. I have 2 favorites.

Jillian... I love her. I think that Jason really likes her too. She's very goofy and always acts real.

Melissa... she is so cute. And of course I love that she is from the south.

5) So ready for the weekend. My cousin is in a beauty pageant on Sat. night that I will be attending. The rest of the weekend looks lazy.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Moment of Truth

After my first week of Weight Watchers I have lost


YEAH! I know that it doesn't seem like a lot but it makes me feel so much better. Also, on Sat. I wore a pair of jeans that I couldn't wear over Christmas. This week I plan on trying several WW friendly recipes. I will let you know how they turn out. My goal is to lose 3 more lbs this week. BTW, I did cheat on Sat. night. I had Olive Garden and could not pass on the bread sticks or brushetta.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend Recap

Why does it seem like every weekend is so full? Things are supposed to slow down after the holidays. Friday night we went to the high school I teach at (and my old school) basketball game against our big rival. The game was for first place and I am proud to say that our school won 93-92 by hitting a free throw with 0.5 seconds left. It was the best game I have seen in a long time.

Saturday morning I went shopping with mom to take back a few things from Christmas while Hubs worked at the church putting the stage together for the huge Easter drama that our church presents each year.
Sat. night we went to eat with my parents and brother and his fiance for mom's birthday. We went to Olive Garden and it was delicious! After that we made it home in time to see the Panthers get demolished in their playoff game.

Sunday has been a lazy day (thankfully). After church and Sunday School we did some grocery shopping and cleaning. Mom, Dad, and Jeff came over for dinner and now we have settled in for some football and reading. (Me of course being the latter).
This week we have exams at school so I will have plenty of extra time. I will also be weighing in the morning.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Welcome to the weekend

This weekend I plan on doing much of nothing.

I am definitely seeing this in my weekend outlook.

As long as my brother finishes it soon. And he better.

Tonight we have the big county rivalry between the high school that I teach at and another school. Right we are tied for 1st place in the conference in boys basketball. Hopefully we will come home with a victory.

Tomorrow we are all going to dinner for my mom's birthday. And then watching the Carolina Panthers beat the Arizona Cardinals Sat. night.

Sunday will include church and hopefully lots of rest and relaxation. And reading.

No Denying

The best conference!

It drives me crazy to hear people talk about how overrated the SEC is. Last nights Gator win just proves all those people wrong. The SEC has now won the last 3 National Championships in a row. That's never been accomplished by any conference. I don't think my Gamecocks will be winning any National Championships anytime soon but it looks like the SEC is doing fine. And believe or not I even did the Gator Chomp last night. Hopefully no pictures were taken for evidence.

Plus, who could not love this guy? Honestly he spends his spring breaks doing mission trips. Not only is he very easy on the eyes but he also tugs at you heart.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Trying to make it 3 in a row

The National Championship is getting ready to start and I am pulling for the Florida Gators. While I am not a fan of the Gators I am a die-hard SEC fan. The best conference in the country. And tonight Florida will attempt to make it 3 straight National titles for the SEC conference. Something that has never been done by any conference.

So heres hoping we see a lot of this tonight:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sharing my Christmas Gifts

I know that Christmas has come and gone but I never shared any of my gifts with ya'll. Here are just a few of the fabulous things that I received this year.

I love Reba! Her show is hilarious.

Hubs and I have just recently caught on to the Office craze. We are trying to catch up with the old seasons. My brother bought us season 1 and 2.

By now you all know that I am in love with the Twilight books.

Tupperware! I was so thrilled to get lots of Tupperware from my MIL.
Hubs bought me this wall sticker. We are still trying to find the perfect place for it though. Isn't it great?
Hubs's oldest brother's family gave me this set from Brookstone. It is all super comfy and great for laying on the couch.
This is my new devetional for this year. So far, it has been excellent.
Black puffer vest. I also got a pick and gray shirt to wear underneath.

My new tennis shoes. If you have never tried Asics; you must. They are the best shoes for walking and running. Not that I have done much of the latter.

And here is the necklace that Hubs got me. Isn't it great? I love how simple it is and it goes with everything.

Okay, I am officially moving on from Christmas. My commitment to losing weight and eating better has been going great. Not that I have weighed to actually know if I've lost anything but I have been exercising each day and strictly following the WW points plan. Hubs has been doing great too. I am so proud of him. I will weigh again on Monday morning.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Thankful Tuesday 2009 Edition

2009- Wow. It seems like time has flown by. Meeting Hubs in 2003. Graduating from college in 2005. Getting married in 2006. First year of teaching in 2006. It seems like yesterday that all these things were happening. So here is the first edition on Thankful Tuesday in 2009.

1- The person who invented 100 calorie packs. I know that they are just mini (okay, tiny) versions of the real thing packed into a small (tiny) bag that cost more. But, it is so nice not having to close the bag after 3 cookies. I mean, who really has the strength to put the Oreo's away after just 2. Not me.

These are my favorite!

2- Good books. Everyone knows that I am currently loving the Twilight saga and will be so sad when I finish it. But I have lots of great books that are waiting on me to pick them up. My mom and my MIL (actually everyone that has known me for more than 2 seconds) know that I LOVE to read and they both made sure that I was stocked up on good books.
These are a few I have waiting on me:

3- A growing relationship with the Lord. Hubs and I have both made commitments in 2009 to grow in our walk with God as a couple. We have decided to do this by praying together each night. I know that it will not only bring us closer to Him but also to each other.

Nothing would be finer than to be in Carolina

70 degrees today. You can't beat that for January. Now tomorrow it may be 30 degrees but for now I am enjoying the beautiful weather.

Oh and UNC lost last night to Boston College. That was enough to make my day (or year). Although I am from North Carolina (born and raised) I have a strong aversion to the sky blue and white. I much prefer Garnet and Black from our sister state. (I actually live closer to Columbia than Raleigh) Not that we're going to be winning any athletic awards anytime soon. But it was still nice to watch UNC get beat.


I knew it would be bad... just not this bad. Hmmmm, I weigh 210 pounds. Yes, unfortunately your eyes are not playing tricks on you. And sadly this is not my heaviest. A month ago I weighed 216 and started walking again and dropped a few pounds. I have to do something. That is such an unhealthy weight for my 5'6" frame. I ideally would like to get down to 155 or 160 (although I would much rather get pregnant before then). My goal for January is to lose between 10 and 15 lbs. Hubs stands 6'5" and weighed 348. His goal is to lose between 15 and 20 lbs this month. We started WW this morning and will enjoy our first night at the YMCA together tonight. Sweet Kendra is going to be my WW buddy. Kendra, you better keep me in check. As you can see I need all the help I can get.

On a lighter note, The Bachelor begins tonight. I am so addicted to this show. Isn't he a sweetie?

And I plan on watching this show too. Possibly for some motivation.

* Added*- I just wanted to add that I have gained all this weight since we started TTC. Each month my mindset was "well, what if I am pregnant. I should be able to eat anything that I want". Which was certainly not healthy, even if I was pregnant. And so since April 2008 I have gained 40 lbs. Really fast. I am not hopeful that I will lose it as fast but I am sticking this out for the long haul. Not only will I feel and look better but it will also be healthier for when I do get pregnant. And may even help me get that.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back to the Grind

Well, Christmas vacation has offically ended for me. Back to work tomorrow. Although I will miss all the extra time with Hubs I am actually ready to head back.

I also wanted to give you a heads up. Tomorrow Hubs and I will begin our commitment (not resolution) to be healthier and lose some weight. We have decided to follow the Weight Watchers points plan and start a weekly workout schedule. Actually daily for me since I plan on walking everyday. Hubs had already joined the YMCA about 3 months ago and we decided that I am going to join this month so that it can be something we do together. Before I was walking on my treadmill at home while he was at the gym. We are really excited about it and have been praying that God will give us the strength and willpower to stick with it. For accountablilty purposes I will be recording our weight each Monday on here. I am extremly embarrased for any of you to see what I weigh but if I know I have to fess up to ya'll on Monday then maybe it will help me keep on track throughout the week.

I am now on the 3rd book in the Twilight series. The second one was really good too. Alot of people said that they didn't like the 2nd one as well but I think I may have even liked it better. I finally saw the movie yesterday and it was really good. It was nice to put faces with the people and places that I've been reading about. And what nice faces they were. It makes me very disturbed that they are so young (The boy that played Jacob was born in 1992, what!).

Friday, January 2, 2009

Help me decide

I don't know how many of you are Vera Bradley fans like myself but I thought I would enlist your assistance to help me decide which new pattern I should get. These new bags don't actually come out until the end of this month but it is never to early to decide. My MIL gave gift certificate for Christmas for a new purse and zip around wallet and I can't wait until they are in the stores.

I love all things green but I am really digging the pink for spring and summer. The purple is really great too. I also really like the New Hope pattern (which is also the new breast cancer pattern) but am afraid that it would show dirt to bad since it is light colored. Should I get a matching purse and wallet like I usually do or should I mix patterns since I like them all?

So I need ya'll to leave me a comment and let me know which pattern you like the best.

Purple Passion

Cupcake Pink
Cupcake Green

New Hope

Such hard decisions!