Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mad about Plaid

Am I the only one that has walked in a store lately and felt like they were surrounded by plaid?

This is obviously going to a very popular item this fall.

I will be indulging in it.

Below are some cute options for adding some plaid to your closet.

Forever 21. $11.50

Forever 21. $19.00

New York and Company. $39.95

Old Navy Shear Camp shirt. $24.50

Kohls. $59.00
I couldn't find this dress online so I took a picture of me trying it on.

I know you thought it was a real model didn't you. I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Not sure that I would wear it enough for the price.

How do you feel about the plaid craze? Have you found any cute pieces that are worth sharing?

1 comment:

WaitingandHoping said...

I have always liked plaid--i've noticed it becoming real popular lately too. I looked at American Eagle online (my fav store) and noticed a lot of their fall shirts are plaid.

I think the dress is cute! Do you have to dress up for school? Surely not being a coach, but every school is different.