Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my 26th birthday! I love birthday's, especially my own. I will catch up on posting later but today I will be spending with Hubs and our families. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

This is Hubs and I on my birthday last year.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving!
I will not be reading or posting today but I promise to catch up this weekend. We will be super busy today visiting family and of course filling our tummies with delicious food. I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Swap and Birthday Girl

Sorry about the hodgepodge of a post but I had lots that I wanted to include today.
First off: Christmas Swap
I received my package from Jenny who was my partner in ClemsonGirls Christmas Swap yesterday. Look at all the cute stuff she made me. Make sure you check out her Etsy shop and you can get all this wonderfully cute stuff for yourself or someone you love.

Check out all my goodies!

Isn't this key chain fabulous? I love it!

I cannot wait to put this out for Christmas. I love anything embroiderded and this could not be more perfect.

Such a cute pad for all my daily to-do lists. This paper is so cute that I hate to use it.

Kirsten is my future sister-in-law and not only is she beautiful on the outside but she is just as sweet a person. She will marry my brother on June 27th, 2009. I am her matron of honor and cannot wait to stand up there beside her as she joins our family.

This is us last Christmas at Disney World. (I told you I would not be wearing the same sweatshirt in my next picture... now I have on the black version. I really do have a lot of clothes)
3rd- I really hate to end on this note but I am not pregnant this month. We had such great chances and it seems that the medicine worked it just wasn't His time for us. I really had my hopes up this month and was surprised that I was not more upset than I was. I cried for a minute then I was fine. We have decided that we are going to keep taking the Femara (since it seemed to help) and just be more patient and wait till it is God's time for us. Thank you so much for everyone that is praying for us. We appreciate it more than you could ever know. Please keep the prayers coming and know that I am praying for each of you too.

Thats how the Devil works

So, you know how I am taking a month long break from reading all books and magazines (expect for my Bible and devotionals). Well, I just wanted to give you all an example of how the Devil works so hard to tempt us. I only subscribe to 2 magazines (Woman's Day and Southern Living) well last week I got 3 magazines in the mail. 1 on Wednesday and 2 on Thursday. I immediately thought "These are temptations delivered right from the Devil. He is really working hard so that I don't use this time to strengthen my relationship with the Lord". I have put all 3 magazines in the rack and plan on catching up as soon as my break ends. Until then I plan on using the time that I normally read books and use that to read God's word.

Thankful Tuesday

Being the week of Thanksgiving and all it is only appropriate that I do Thankful Tuesday again this week.

1- My wonderful (slightly dysfunctional) and loving family! Both mine and Hubs. We both have been blessed with large and very close families. The holidays are always extra special for us because we get to spend them with our families eating (my favorite) and fellowshiping together.

2- Good food! I cannot explain to you how much food we will be surronded by this week. And I plan on eating and eating and eating. I'll make sure that I post some pics of all the delecious foods and share the recipes.

3- My Birthday! I know that I am getting older but I still love to have birthdays. I will be 26 on Sunday. Even though I am excited about my birthday I am not excited about being on the backside of my twenties. Life has only gotten better though and I know that the best has yet to come.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

College town visit and lots of pictures

This morning my mom, Hubs, my brother, and I drive up the mountain to our old college town. We went to visit my future sister-in-law (she is in her last semester) and do some Christmas shopping. We ate lunch and left Hubs and lil bro at the reseraunt to watch the NC State v. UNC game (Which I am thrilled to say that NC State won!).

Hubs and I at lunch

Mom and Kirs

Jeff and Kirs

the girls

I forgot to get any pictures of the snow that they got up there this week. BTW, I do have more clothes than just this one sweatshirt. Beleive it or not but I have a whole closet full. I promise the next picture I post of myslef, I will be wearing something different.

Something cute to end on... this is the outfit that I got at Target for .99 cent. It is a little small for him but it was worth the money just to see him in it. How cute is he?!?! He is really good about wearing costumes.

This is Boone on Halloween 2 years ago. He kept the cape on and sat at the door all night waiting on trick-or-treaters.

Here he is in his Christmas attire.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

I have mailed my
Christmas Swap gifts!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Family and Friend's Friday

Here is the 2nd edition of "Family and Friends Friday".

My lil brother: Jeff

Jeff is 2 years younger then me and was my very first best friend. We are still extremely close. I never remember us fighting as kids. We were in high school together and even went to the same college. (We did take one class together in college and he made a better grade then me). Jeff is now working on his MBA. He is getting married on June 27th to a wonderful girl (you'll meet her on an upcoming "Family and Friend's Friday). He just bought a house (we all still live close together) and it is weird to see him growing up. To me he will always be my little brother.

* I do not know what in the world has been wrong with me this week. Let me fill you in: Earlier this week I ran into the end of our bed and bruised my thigh, yesterday I make up a word while talking to another teacher, while going to meet my mom yesterday I drove on the wrong side of the road (for a long time until I saw a car coming at me), and then this morning I run into the bathroom wall and am sure that I broke my toe. I need for Thanksgiving vacation to hurry up and get here.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Taking a break...

I am taking a break from reading any book or magazine that it not either my Bible or my two devotionals. Or The Love Dare since our church is starting a series on it this Sunday. This break will last one month and is to help me connect with God and His word. I LOVE to read... it is my passion. I have so many books and spend just about all my free time reading. I have been praying that God would reveal to me something that I needed to "give up" so that I can draw closer to Him. At first I thought about shopping but I have put that on the back burner since it just didn't make sense with Christmas coming up. I certainly couldn't wait until December 20th to do my Christmas shopping. I do plan on going back to this one after the new year. Giving up reading for a month is going to be especially difficult for me because I will have Thanksgiving break off from school. I am praying that this time will bring me even closer to God. Please keep me in your prayers.

Good bye sweet books. I will be picking you up in 29 more days.
BTW, I woke up with this so heavy on my heart this morning that I am even leaving a book half way finished.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thankful Tuesday

I told you that I wanted to start doing weekly themes for each day. So far I have only done "Family and Friends Friday". One of my blog friends suggested that I do a "Thankful Thursday" which I know that several other ladies do. I hope they don't mind that I am adopting their idea. Well, instead of doing it on Thursday I decided that I would do "Thankful Tuesdays". So here is my first "Thankful List".

1) Wonderful in-laws that let me stay with them last night while I was in Gboro for my conference.

2) The creators of the Chocolate Chip Molten Cake from Chili's. I didn't have my camera with me and I couldn't find a picture of the chocolate chip version but here is the original Chocolate Molten cake. YUMMY!

3) A 2-day vacation from my students. Don't get me wrong, I love my job! I can't imagine doing anything else with my life but sometimes teachers just need a break. And I got a much needed one in the form of an Exceptional Children's conference. Not only did I get a mini-vaca but I also got to visit my in-laws and stay with them. Which is when I got the scrumptious dessert from above.

Back to work tomorrow... but I have a field trip tomorrow so it's okay.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Bloggy Baby Shower

Congratulations Kelly and Scott!
I am not even sure how I came across Kelly's blog but I do know that I was immediately hooked. My husband and I have only been struggling with infertility for 8 months and I keep telling people how this experience has strengthened my walk with the Lord. I can tell by reading Kelly's blog that she can say the same thing. She is such a woman of faith and I feel uplifted each time I read her blog. I am so happy for her and amazed at God's wonderful grace. Harper is so blessed to have such amazing parents and I'm sure that she will be as beautiful and sweet as her momma.
Kelly, I continue to pray for you each day. I am so happy and excited for you. I know that you will be the best mom and that Harper will grow up knowing how much the Lord loves her as well as her parents.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

To Teach is To Touch Lives

I will be at a EC Conference on Monday and Tuesday for special educators. Hopefully I will learn lots of new tricks and ideas for my students. Plus, I will get lots of free teacher goodies for my classroom. Because the conference is held in the same city that my in-laws live in; I will be staying with them tomorrow night. I promise that I will check in and try to post.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Family & Friends Friday

I have decided that I am going to start doing themed daily blogs. So far the only theme that I have came up with is called "Family & Friends Friday" in which I will post about 1 of the extremely important people in my life; whether it be a friend or family member.

In honor of the very first "Family & Friends Friday" I chose to honor my very best friend; HUBS!

Hubs and I met in Jan. 2003 and got married in June 2006. He is such an amazing man. God has given me my soul mate and for that I am eternally blessed. I cannot imagine my life without him in it. During all that we have faced these past few months he has been right beside holding my hand and crying with me. I love him now more than I ever have and each day that love grows tenfold.
Hubs loves hunting, fishing, sports, and NASCAR (In case you didn't guess... his neck is red). He is the youngest of 3 boys and still his mommas baby.

Please leave you opinions on this theme. I really want to share with you and honor the people in my life that mean so much to me. Also, I desperately need help coming up with ideas for Monday- Thursday. If you have any suggestions please feel free to leave them.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

100 Things about me

I saw this on another blog and thought that it looked interesting. It was much, much harder than I expected it to be.

100 Things About Me

1. I am married to the love of my life.
2. My favorite color is yellow.
3. I teach at the same high school that I graduated from.
4. Diet Sundrop is an addiction for me.
5. I have had the same best friend since I was born.
6. Wrapping Christmas presents with my mom is my all time favorite thing to do.
7. I have one brother that is 3 years younger than me.
8. I love to bake.
9. I coach high school softball.
10. I changed my major three times in college.
11. Teaching was not one of my 3 majors… I got my certificate after college.
12. I am addicted to The Bachelor and Bachelorette.
13. I was in a sorority in college.
14. My husband was in a fraternity.
15. We met at a party in college and have been together ever since.
16. I lived in the same house from the time that I was born until the time I went to college.
17. I love to read
18. Karen Kingsbury is my favorite author.
19. I could eat Mexican food everyday.
20. I am slightly OCD.
21. My first job was cutting grass with my dad’s lawncare business
22. My dad is a teacher too
23. Fall is the best time of the year!
24. I am addicted to Chap Stick.
25. We had 9 bridesmaids and groomsman in our wedding.
26. My mom and dad have been married for almost 35 years.
27. The farthest place I have visited is Canada and Mexico.
28. My husband and I take 2 one-week vacations a year. In July and in December.
29. My brother is getting married in June.
30. Hubs and I have been trying to have a baby for the past 8 months.
31. I had my appendix taken out when I was in the 4th grade.
32. I love to wear sweatpants and a hooded sweatshirt.
33. I have naturally curly hair.
34. Hubs says my eyes are the color of “baby poop”. (By this he means they are light golden brown)
35. I teach special education.
36. I go to Walmart at least once a week.
37. I drink lots of water.
38. Exercising is great when you do it with friends.
39. I cannot drive a 5 speed.
40. I brush my teeth all the time. I keep a toothbrush and toothpaste at work.
41. I love to plan parties.
42. My brown Rainbow flip flops are a wardrobe staple.
43. I own one pair of jeans that actually fit me.
44. I take my lunch to work everyday.
45. I have an entire closet full of holiday decorations.
46. I have both a Christmas and Halloween village that I put out.
47. Coke in a glass bottle always makes me feel better when I am sick.
48. I take a hot bath almost every night. My favorite time to read is in the bath tub.
49. My brother and I graduated from the same university. We even had a class together and he made a better grade then me.
50. I have 2 nephews and a niece (all of Hub’s side)
51. Sweet Home Alabama is one of my favorite movies.
52. I wash my sheets every Saturday (we did this when I was a child as did my mom when she was growing up).
53. My first car was a brand new Mustang.
54. I would rather give gifts than get them
55. I send cards out for everything
56. I go to bed early every night.
57. Green is the color that I wear most.
58. I do not like jewelry. The only things I wear are my engagement and wedding rings, a ring my parents gave me, and simple hoop earrings.
59. I have the worst vision. I cannot see a thing without my glasses or contacts.
60. I am a homebody. I like to travel but not for very long or very far.
61. Vera Bradley’s are the best bags ever. I probably have owned 15 in the past 7 years.
62. My favorite smells are apple, pumpkin, and leaves burning.
63. I am the worst procrastinator. I usually don’t do anything unless it is last minute.
64. As soon as I get home from work I change into pajamas or work out clothes. I have to be comfortable.
65. I do not like crowded places. I prefer small groups to large gatherings.
66. I try to read my bible every night right before I go to bed.
67. I am a republican and love George W. Bush.
68. My favorite month is November.
69. I get ill when I am hungry. If Hubs and I are fighting then he knows he can feed me and I will be sweet as sugar.
70. Minnesota has got to be the most beautiful state. I went there 2 years ago and have never seen anywhere that was nicer.
71. I love Christmas music and usually begin listening to it early in November.
72. I hate to wear heels. Thankfully ballet flats became popular last year.
73. Hubs is super tall which I love. The few times that I wear heels I don’t have to worry about ever being taller than him.
74. I dislike professional sports but love college sports.
75. The first concert that I ever attended was Aerosmith when I was a freshman in college.
76. I hate to listen to my Ipod through the earphones.
77. My favorite thing to do in the summer is lay out and read a good book.
78. I’ve only been on one cruise and didn’t like it.
79. I would go to Disney World every year if I could. (I’ve been 7 times)
80. I hate coffee.
81. If I could travel anywhere in the world I would love to go to Wyoming, Montana, and Ireland.
82. This year was the first time that I have ever voted. (BTW, my guy didn’t win)
83. I am super disorganized. I lose everything.
84. I am a country girl… I do not do the city well.
85. Love animals of all kinds… except cats. Cats are sneaky and they scare me.
86. I keep my toenails painted at all times.
87. I never paint my fingernails. Chipped nails look horrible to me.
88. I have very little patience… which is weird considering my career.
89. It is impossible for me to sit and watch a movie without doing other things.
90. I love the smell of fresh laundry.
91. I wear Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath and Body Works every day from September through February. From March through April I wear Pear Berry and from May through August I wear Coco Cabana.
92. Myspace has been the best way to keep up with college and high school friends that we had lost touch with.
93. My favorite ice cream flavor is Banana Pudding or Chocolate.
94. French fries with ranch dressing should be its own food group.
95. My mom had my ears pierced when I was 2 so that people would know I was a girl.
96. I had no hair until I was 4, when I did finally grow hair it was blond ringlets.
97. I love to wear my hair in a pony tail.
98. I am horrible at math.
99. I always get complimented on how white my teeth are.
100. Choc Chip cookies that are slightly burnt are the best.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank you

Thank you so much to all the men and women that have served our country. There is no greater job then the one you do. Please pray for the safety of these courageous men and women and the wonderful country they risk their lives for.

* In April my cousin will be going back for his 2nd tour of Iraq. He left earlier this week to begin his stations which will take him to both Mississippi and California before he is deployed. He has a daughter that will turn 1 at the end of this month. Please keep him and his family in your prayer.

Friday, November 7, 2008

God will risk being misunderstood.

"God knows when something glorious in the future necessitates something difficult in the present. Because He knows the glory will be worth it, God will risk being misunderstood." Beth Moore

I saw this quote on Chapter's blog and had to share it with ya'll. The radio station that I listen to in the morning does a "Quick Minute with Beth Moore" each day and I love it. This quote is also great! On Wed. one of my special education students came in 3rd period with his girlfriend and showed me their ultrasound pic's and told me that they were having a lil boy. And here I am smiling and telling them congratulations when what I'm really thinking is "Why, God? Why do these 16 year old kids get to have a baby and I am having all this trouble?" It's hard. Especially working in a high school where there are way too many students that are pregnant or already parents. It's not my place to know WHY though. And this quote explains that. God will allow us to ask why; he will risk our doubts because he knows that the pain and desperation that we feel now will all be forgotten when his glory and blessings shine upon us.

Please check out Kelly's prayer blog that she has started. My name is on the list as are many other wonderful women that are waiting on a child or a husband. Please lift them up to the Lord.

"Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them".–Matt. 18:20

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace. ~ I Corinthians 14:33

Yesterday another devotion spoke right to me. BTW, if I haven't mentioned that I love Joyce Meyer's New Day New You devotional then I am telling you now. I wake up each morning excited to see what that day will talk about and so many of hers have spoken straight to my heart and the situation that we are going through. I am not going to share the entire thing with you but I did want to highlight some of my favorite parts:

"When you trust God, you can relax and enjoy life. You don't have to go through life worrying and trying to figure out how to solve all your problems. Think about all the things that you have worried about in your life and how they have all worked out. That ought to help you realize that worry and reasoning are a waste of time and energy. stop worrying, Stop complicating your life by trying to figure out everything. Just admit that you don't know, that you are not able, that you need God. Then go on living and enjoy life while God is giving you the answers"

Wow, that last part says it all. "Go on living and enjoy life while God is giving you the answers". I don't like to make all of my posts about infertility but because it has basically consumed all of my thoughts it is hard not to talk about. I feel (and myself included) that so many women struggling with IF stop living their life. Instead we are so consumed with the future and when we will be sharing in the joys of motherhood and having a family. I am declaring that from today forward I am going to live in the NOW. Not tomorrow or next month or next year. Not when I am a mommy but RIGHT NOW. While I am a wife to a wonderful husband, daughter to 2 loving parents, sister to my best friend, friend, teacher, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, aunt, coach, etc. There is plenty of time for me to be a mom. Hubs and I are still young and we need to enjoy the time that we have while it is just the two of us.

This blog has connected me with so many wonderful ladies that I would have never met otherwise. There are women that are going through the same things that I am facing. There are plenty that have been doing it a lot longer than I have. I pray for these women each day, usually multiple times a day and I know that they are praying for me. I believe that I am going through this struggle for a reason and that one day I will be a mom and that I will be a better one because of it. My struggles with IF will not only make me a better mom; they have already made me a better Christan and wife. And I feel that that is all part of God's plan.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Treats for the Home team

As you can see from the scoreboard that the App State game on Halloween was all treats for the home fans (which was us). This was supposed to be a much better game. We are ranked 2nd and they were 3rd. While the game was pretty much over by half time it was still loads of fun getting to spend time with some of our college buddies.

Here we are before the game started. This was right before we had to walk 2 miles to the stadium and since it is in the mountains it really is all up hill.

In a stadium that only holds less than 30,000 there were 30,997 there that night. The hill is now the student section. Which because it was Halloween (and you would not believe some of the costumes or lack of) and it was freezing outside the hill was empty after halftime.

Hubs and I at the game. If he was willing to take pictures during the game then you know it wasn't worth paying attention.

My lil brother and me. Besides Hubs this boy is the most important person to me in the world. We have always been best friends and have only gotten closer as we get older.

And last one... Hubs and Bro posing for the camera.