Sunday, August 9, 2009

Can you say: REDNECK?

The title of this blog has a double meaning. Let me explain (and demonstrate with pictures). Friday night we went to the dirt track close to our house. There was a huge race called the Carolina Clash taking place and since we love good southern fun we decided to load the grill on the truck and enjoy ourselves.Hubs and I both love racing but I hadn't been to a dirt track since high school.
Here is some of the track and the pits before the racing started.
My cousin Andrew and his brother in-law and my best friends husband, Dustin.

Hubs and I before the races.
All this red dirt would end up on us before the night was over.

Hubs and I before the races started.

The race car that my uncle sponsors.
Part of the track.

The car that won. One of our students is part of the crew for this car.

And this is us after the race. That is red dirt covering us. It looks like I have been sprayed tanned. We were covered. I had dirt in my eyes, ears, and mouth. You have to wear your sunglasses all night because of all the dust and dirt flying around.
We had so much fun though and will be going back this coming Friday to watch my cousin Andrew race.


Andy and Kelly said...

lol, your pictures are great! Thanks for the birthday wish! :)

Lori said...

That looks like fun even with the dirt. We have a local race track and we go out every once in a while, and I know all about the dirt that flies. Don't wash your hair before you go!!

Lianna Knight said...

So funny!!! You weren't kidding about the "red" part, where you :)