Wednesday, July 8, 2009

3 Hour Tour

Today I am posting a ton of pictures from the rehearsal dinner. I will go ahead and apologize in advance for this post being extremely long.

The rehearsal was really short which was great because it was HOT out there. After that we headed over to the Charleston Harbour to decorate the boat before the rehearsal dinner started.

Hubs and I at the rehearsal.

Jacob and Rachelle helping get the center pieces out.

Hubs helping set up. Can't you tell how much help he was, lol.

Waiting on the party to start.

The downstairs dining room before it was full of people.

The centerpiece. You couldn't have real candles on the boat so we bought the battery operated ones and they worked great.

A little loving from Hubs before the dinner started.

Me and my best friend Erin.

My baby Jacob. Isn't he the cutest?

My in-laws.

Hubs and 2 of his fraternity brothers. My brother was in the same fraternity.

Erin and my crazy aunt dancing to Cotton Eyed Joe.

Me and two of my beautiful cousins.

Erin and her husband Dustin.
Me and the groom; my lil brother.
Daddy and I.

Hubs and daddy. They look like they thought it was St. Patrick's Day.
We had such a wonderful time.
Tomorrow I will share pictures of the wedding day preparations and then Friday I will do the reception.


HopingandWaiting said...

Enjoyed the pictures! I love weddings!

Lori said...

Great pictures. I love your dress, you look so great! Very nice family!