Thursday, July 23, 2009

Great Southern Reads

Its no secret that I LOVE to read so I thought that I would share one of my favorite authors with ya'll. Dixie Cash is actually two sisters from Texas that write a extremely funny and definitely southern series. I just finished the fourth book in this series and Hubs kept asking me what was so funny because I was laughing out loud. All of these books are super fast reads and will keep you entertained throughout every page.


Kathryn said...

I was just looking for a new author, so I look forward to checking Dixie out! Sounds like my kind of reading!

In other news, I meant to comment on your weight loss post last week and time got away from me. I wanted to say look fabulous and are doing a terrific job!

Kendra said...

Thanks for the tip!!

By the way, I love your new profile pic!! Cute!!

Lianna Knight said...

Okay...I'm curious now. I might have to pick one up and check this series out.