Thursday, July 16, 2009

Working my way towards success...

I have been following Weight Watchers since the first of 2009 ( I actually started on January 4th). It has been the best decision I ever made and one of the easiest to follow through. By following the plan (btw, I do not attend the meetings) and joining the YMCA; I have managed to go from 217 lbs and a size 18 to 177 lbs and a size 14. That is 40 lbs in 7 months. I can tell a huge difference in the way I look and more importantly feel. So I have decided to share this journey through pictures.

November 2008. Around 210 here.

December 2009... my biggest EVER! 217 lbs!

January 2009... the weekend before I started WW.

March 2009 (Sorry for no Feb. picture) down approx. 15 lbs.

April 2009. Won the Biggest Loser Challenge at work by losing 27 lbs.

May 2009. Stuck in the 180's

June 2009... trying to get it the 170's. Can't seem to get past 180.

177.2! Finally said goodbye to the 180's and not going back.
This is only the first part of the weight loss journey. I am hoping to get down to 145-150 which requires me to lose another 30 lbs. I know that this will take a lot longer than the first 40 lbs did. I plan on setting small goals for myself and working on reaching them too help keep myself motivated. My next small goal is to be in the 160's before I go back to work on August 17th. Right now that is giving me 4 weeks to lose 7.3 lbs. I know that I can do it through exercise and keeping up with my points. I would love to hear about others success with Weight Watchers or another diet plan. I know that their of lots of great plans out their and it is all about finding what works for you.


USCEmily said...

Keep working hard! You're doing so great and look wonderful- all your hard work is definitely paying off :-)

Annie said...

awesome girly!!
you look fabulous! :)

HopingandWaiting said...

Congrats! you look great! I love the navy dress! It looks awesome on you!

Lori said...

Wow! You look so great, I can see a big difference from picture #1 to now. I am so proud of you that you stuck with this plan. I'm sure you feel wonderful.

I just started to try and get healthier, my nutritionist gave me a plan to go with to try to help balance my hormones and lose a few pounds. Basically I cut out all Dairy, Bread, Fried Foods, pasta and nothing but water and 100% fruit juice to drink. On the 24th it will be one month, I have since been feeling a lot better, clothes fit better and I lost a total of 8 pounds. I really would love to shed another 10-25 pounds but most of all I feel so much healthier. I'm sure you can identify with that!!

Congrats on looking great!!!

leslie ruth said...

You go girl! I've definitely noticed in your pictures over the last couple of months that you were getting smaller and smaller. Doesn't it feel so good to take care of yourself this way? Just remember, it has to be a forever lifestyle change, especially if you want to maintain. I've done WW a couple of times {successfully} but was never able to maintain because I was too focused on the losing and not the being healthy part. It sounds like you're working towards that balance. Keep it up!