Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Charleston Bound

I am finally home from vacation!
We had a wonderful time and the wedding was beautiful. It's always good to come home though.
I am not going to overload you with a million pictures from all the wedding activities and vacation at one time so instead I have decided to break it up. Today's pictures and post are from our time in Charleston before the wedding stuff started.

Kirsten on the morning we were leaving.

Me at Wet Willy's in downtown Charleston.

Shannon and Anna at Wet Willy's.

My beautiful momma and I.

Getting pedicures before the Big Day.

And manicures.
Tomorrow's post with feature the rehearsal dinner.


HopingandWaiting said...

I LOVE getting pedicures! That's one of my summer treats! Looking forward to seeing wedding pictures!

Kendra said...

Looks like fun!!!! Glad you had a great time =)

Lori said...

Thats always so nice to come home to "Home Sweet Home" after a vacation!