Sunday, July 19, 2009

Facebook Fever

Can I just say that I am officially addicted to Facebook?

Yes, I am the person that logs on no less than 3 times a day. I change my status each day so that everyone and their brother will know exactly what I am doing. I would rather send someone a Facebook message then call them on the phone (not that I wouldn't rather send a text message then talk to someone either). Hubs and I have had entire conversations through Facebook chat while being in the same room. I am constantly uploading photos (I take a lot of pictures). I love that I can talk to my cousin's in Vegas, California, Florida, and even Iraq (yes, the soldiers can get on Facebook. Is that not crazy?) without the outrageous phone bills. But the real reason I love Facebook is because you can keep up with people that you normally wouldn't. And by this I mean you can be super nosey. I love looking at the people I went to high school or college with that I didn't really keep track of afterwards. Also it has been a great tool for letting people know about high school reunions. (BTW, Hub's 10 year is coming up in September. Don't worry there will be lots of posting on that). As coach's we also use it to let our players know about camps or practices. It sure beats having to call all of them.

I used to love MySpace but I never log on anymore. For some reason I really like Facebook better. One thing that I do have to worry about is being a teacher and being on Facebook or MySpace or any other website for that matter. I don't allow a lot of students to be my friend, usually it is only some of the girls that I coach. I don't put up pictures of me drinking or smoking (which I don't do anyways, so if you ever see a photo of me smoking it has defiantly been Photo shopped).

Is anyone else as addicted as I am?

Come on, don't be scared to admit it?

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les said...

I must admit I am also addicted! Its crazy... but its so fun to me. I love checkin in on all my old friends and new ones! ha