Monday, November 24, 2008

Thankful Tuesday

Being the week of Thanksgiving and all it is only appropriate that I do Thankful Tuesday again this week.

1- My wonderful (slightly dysfunctional) and loving family! Both mine and Hubs. We both have been blessed with large and very close families. The holidays are always extra special for us because we get to spend them with our families eating (my favorite) and fellowshiping together.

2- Good food! I cannot explain to you how much food we will be surronded by this week. And I plan on eating and eating and eating. I'll make sure that I post some pics of all the delecious foods and share the recipes.

3- My Birthday! I know that I am getting older but I still love to have birthdays. I will be 26 on Sunday. Even though I am excited about my birthday I am not excited about being on the backside of my twenties. Life has only gotten better though and I know that the best has yet to come.

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Kendra said...

Love the Thankful Tuesday idea!! I always look forward to Liana's Thankful Thursday!!! So important to remember to be thankful =-)