Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Swap and Birthday Girl

Sorry about the hodgepodge of a post but I had lots that I wanted to include today.
First off: Christmas Swap
I received my package from Jenny who was my partner in ClemsonGirls Christmas Swap yesterday. Look at all the cute stuff she made me. Make sure you check out her Etsy shop and you can get all this wonderfully cute stuff for yourself or someone you love.

Check out all my goodies!

Isn't this key chain fabulous? I love it!

I cannot wait to put this out for Christmas. I love anything embroiderded and this could not be more perfect.

Such a cute pad for all my daily to-do lists. This paper is so cute that I hate to use it.

Kirsten is my future sister-in-law and not only is she beautiful on the outside but she is just as sweet a person. She will marry my brother on June 27th, 2009. I am her matron of honor and cannot wait to stand up there beside her as she joins our family.

This is us last Christmas at Disney World. (I told you I would not be wearing the same sweatshirt in my next picture... now I have on the black version. I really do have a lot of clothes)
3rd- I really hate to end on this note but I am not pregnant this month. We had such great chances and it seems that the medicine worked it just wasn't His time for us. I really had my hopes up this month and was surprised that I was not more upset than I was. I cried for a minute then I was fine. We have decided that we are going to keep taking the Femara (since it seemed to help) and just be more patient and wait till it is God's time for us. Thank you so much for everyone that is praying for us. We appreciate it more than you could ever know. Please keep the prayers coming and know that I am praying for each of you too.


Mrs. Cup said...

I am still praying!

Candie said...

You came to mind this afternoon so I purposfully got on line to see if you'd tested this week. I read your "hodge podge" post and I'm sorry to hear the news. Stay strong, but know that friends are hear when you need to fall. I'll keep praying for you.

Kendra said...

Will keep praying...