Saturday, November 22, 2008

College town visit and lots of pictures

This morning my mom, Hubs, my brother, and I drive up the mountain to our old college town. We went to visit my future sister-in-law (she is in her last semester) and do some Christmas shopping. We ate lunch and left Hubs and lil bro at the reseraunt to watch the NC State v. UNC game (Which I am thrilled to say that NC State won!).

Hubs and I at lunch

Mom and Kirs

Jeff and Kirs

the girls

I forgot to get any pictures of the snow that they got up there this week. BTW, I do have more clothes than just this one sweatshirt. Beleive it or not but I have a whole closet full. I promise the next picture I post of myslef, I will be wearing something different.

Something cute to end on... this is the outfit that I got at Target for .99 cent. It is a little small for him but it was worth the money just to see him in it. How cute is he?!?! He is really good about wearing costumes.

This is Boone on Halloween 2 years ago. He kept the cape on and sat at the door all night waiting on trick-or-treaters.

Here he is in his Christmas attire.


Mrs. Cup said...

Great pictures!!

Krysta said...

Your dog is so sweet!!!!!

Kendra said...

Love the antlers!!