Thursday, November 20, 2008

Family and Friend's Friday

Here is the 2nd edition of "Family and Friends Friday".

My lil brother: Jeff

Jeff is 2 years younger then me and was my very first best friend. We are still extremely close. I never remember us fighting as kids. We were in high school together and even went to the same college. (We did take one class together in college and he made a better grade then me). Jeff is now working on his MBA. He is getting married on June 27th to a wonderful girl (you'll meet her on an upcoming "Family and Friend's Friday). He just bought a house (we all still live close together) and it is weird to see him growing up. To me he will always be my little brother.

* I do not know what in the world has been wrong with me this week. Let me fill you in: Earlier this week I ran into the end of our bed and bruised my thigh, yesterday I make up a word while talking to another teacher, while going to meet my mom yesterday I drove on the wrong side of the road (for a long time until I saw a car coming at me), and then this morning I run into the bathroom wall and am sure that I broke my toe. I need for Thanksgiving vacation to hurry up and get here.

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