Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Big Day

My little brother is getting married today.
We are so excited for him!

He is marrying a womderful girl.

Kirsten; we cannot wait to have you as part of our family.


Lianna Knight said...

Ahhh...have a GREAT time!!!!!

Oh and check out my blog...I have a cute little giveaway going and it would be PERFECT for all the books you plan on reading at the beach :)

HopingandWaiting said...

I'm getting caught up on my blog reading! How was the wedding?

And are you enjoying your time off this summer? It seems like it is going by fast! School starts for me on the 19th of August...when does your start?


Lori said...

I cant wait to hear about the wedding! They are such a cute couple!