Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This post will be very random as I don't really have anything entertaining to post about.
1) WW is going great! I have been craving pizza so I tried the tortilla pizza recipe from All Things Fluffy, Fashionable, and Famous. It was delicious! On Monday I recreated her taco recipe and they were really good also. I plan on trying the Fiesta Rotini sometime this week.
2) I went to the dr. yesterday for my 2nd ultrasound of the month. Everything looked great and I had ovulated so I started my progesterone pills last night. This is my 3rd cycle of Femara and each month I have ovulated on it. SO obviously it is doing something right.

3) This week is exam week which means that instead of 4 classes we only have 2 each day. But that also means that each class is 3 hours long. Which is way to much time.
4) I know that many of you are as hooked on The Bachelor as I am. I am torn. I have 2 favorites.

Jillian... I love her. I think that Jason really likes her too. She's very goofy and always acts real.

Melissa... she is so cute. And of course I love that she is from the south.

5) So ready for the weekend. My cousin is in a beauty pageant on Sat. night that I will be attending. The rest of the weekend looks lazy.


Nicole M Wood said...

I am praying for you. I have started some new meds to see if they can get me to ovulate. Maybe this month will be good for both of us.

Mrs. Cup said...

YAY for your weight loss!!!!

Lacy said...

I am glad to hear that Femara is working for you! I really like Melissa on Bachelor too, she is so cute! Praying for you!!

Kendra said...

Love me a lazy weekend =-)
I am praying this is your cycle!!!

Kendra said...

Oh and when I am dying for pizza, I usually get Lean Cuisine chicken garlic pizza, it's 7 points and oh so yummy!!