Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

Here is this weeks installment of Thankful Tuesday.

1- I am thankful for the end of the semester schedule. Last week we had exams and we don't start our new semester until next Monday. Yesterday was MLK Day so we were out and then the rest of the week we don't have any students. Does it get any better than that for a teacher?

2- Reality Television. I know this seems like a superficial thing to be thankful for but if it wasn't for these shows I wouldn't watch any TV. I love The Bachelor, The Biggest Loser, and of course American Idol. BTW, I am still loving Melissa and Jillian. Megan is a witch and I don't see how he doesn't see that. I am also not a fan of Molly. Shannon is weird and Hubs can do the best impression of her teeth. He kept me laughing last night. I am so glad that Erica is gone. Natalie needs to lay off the sunless tanner and get a personality. I am hoping that Megan and Shannon go home next week.

3- Snow. We got the first snow here last night. It was so beautiful! After going to college in the mountains where it snowed all the time I had decided that I could live without it. But it is very pretty when it is coming down. We didn't get a lot though.


amy (metz) walker said...

I hadn't watched The Bachelor until last season and now I'm hooked.

Kari=too quiet but he should have kept her
Jillian=very cool, very real
Stephanie=genuine but very prissy
Can't think of the cheerleaders name but she ranks with Jillian...and the rest I don't remember.

Justin and Jenn said...

Your letter is P!

Lianna Knight said...

I missed the first episode of the Bachelor and my OCD wouldn't let me pick up on the 2nd episode...so I'm going to have to trust your judgement :)

I LOVE American Idol though...these first few weeks are hilarious!!!

I'm not a fan of too cold weather, but I sure would like a little snow at Christmas time.