Friday, January 30, 2009

Can we say CRAZY!

So I finally got to watch the Bachelor last night. This week has been super busy for us and it was killing me to not see it. I was having to skim other's blogs just so I wouldn't accidentally come across something that would spoil it for us.
Let me start out by saying that Melissa could not get any cuter. I really think that he likes her a lot. Did you see how he kept pulling her to him?
I also thinks that he likes Jillian a lot to but they do seem more like friends then any of the others. She has a wonderful personality and could probably get a long with anyone.
Nikki has really bothered me the past 2 weeks with her constant whining and I was not surprised to see her go home.
Stephanie just pulls at my heart but she seriously needs to lose some of the accessories and makeup. I just don't think she will be the final one though.
I was surprised that he kept Naomi. She doesn't seem like his type. I think she will be the next one to leave.
Molly is my least favorite right now. She totally rubbed it in the other girls face when she came back the next morning. I think that he likes her and I see her being in the final 3 but not being the final 1.
So glad to see Megan and Lauren go home. Megan is super mean. Lauren acted crazy last night. Telling him to give her the rose and then getting mad and calling him out on it when he didn't. She is really cute but can you imagine having her for your teacher (hope she doesn't treat her middle schoolers like that).
I was sad to see Shannon go home just because you never knew what ridiculous thing she was going to do or say next. She added a ton of entertainment value to the show. He was never interested in her though and I think he finally got tired of her being psycho (BTW, Whitney I completely agree... her outfits are horrible and last night had to be the worst).
I haven't gotten a chance to watch The Biggest Loser yet but I plan on ctahcing up this weekend.

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Jordan said...

I like Melissa too, she's on of my favorites! I really like Stephanie but she seems too old for him and I don't think there's any romantic chemistry there. I don't think Naomi seems like his type either.