Friday, January 9, 2009

No Denying

The best conference!

It drives me crazy to hear people talk about how overrated the SEC is. Last nights Gator win just proves all those people wrong. The SEC has now won the last 3 National Championships in a row. That's never been accomplished by any conference. I don't think my Gamecocks will be winning any National Championships anytime soon but it looks like the SEC is doing fine. And believe or not I even did the Gator Chomp last night. Hopefully no pictures were taken for evidence.

Plus, who could not love this guy? Honestly he spends his spring breaks doing mission trips. Not only is he very easy on the eyes but he also tugs at you heart.

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Lacy said...

Kelly, even though I am a Clemson fan, and I get so sick of hearing my husband (gamecock) gripe about the tough SEC schedule...I have to admit that you are right! ;) The SEC is very the best football conference hands down! Exciting game last night!