Monday, January 5, 2009

Thankful Tuesday 2009 Edition

2009- Wow. It seems like time has flown by. Meeting Hubs in 2003. Graduating from college in 2005. Getting married in 2006. First year of teaching in 2006. It seems like yesterday that all these things were happening. So here is the first edition on Thankful Tuesday in 2009.

1- The person who invented 100 calorie packs. I know that they are just mini (okay, tiny) versions of the real thing packed into a small (tiny) bag that cost more. But, it is so nice not having to close the bag after 3 cookies. I mean, who really has the strength to put the Oreo's away after just 2. Not me.

These are my favorite!

2- Good books. Everyone knows that I am currently loving the Twilight saga and will be so sad when I finish it. But I have lots of great books that are waiting on me to pick them up. My mom and my MIL (actually everyone that has known me for more than 2 seconds) know that I LOVE to read and they both made sure that I was stocked up on good books.
These are a few I have waiting on me:

3- A growing relationship with the Lord. Hubs and I have both made commitments in 2009 to grow in our walk with God as a couple. We have decided to do this by praying together each night. I know that it will not only bring us closer to Him but also to each other.


Nicole M Wood said...

I have those cookies in my desk. They are wonderful, the best part is the 100 calorie....

Kendra said...

I share your love of the 100 cal packs!! LOVE 'EM!!!!!!!