Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thankful Tuesday's

Can you believe that it is already December?!? The school year is almost half over! That is crazy... yet I am not complaining. Anyways, here is this weeks addition of "Thankful Tuesday's".

1- Christmas songs being played on the radio. Nothing puts me in the holiday frame of mind like Christmas music. A local radio station started playing it the day after Thanksgiving and my car radio has been tuned in since then. I also bought the Third Day Christmas CD for only $5 at Family Christian Store and love it!

2- Fun get-togethers. Sat. we are hosting our 2nd annual Christmas Swap and I am so excited about getting together with our friends. We have so many friends from college that don't live close to us and it is so nice to have them over and get to catch up.

3- ASU continuing in the playoffs. The Mountaineers are on their way to a 4th straight national title. Last Sat.'s game was a little rough so they will have to play better than that this Sat. if they want to win 4 straight. Hubs is heading to the game with my dad and brother before the party on Sat.

4- A wonderful birthday! I got so many birthday wishes and am so thankful for amazing friends and family that thought about me. I could not have asked for a better birthday.


Mrs. Cup said...

I'm glad you had a great birthday!! Can't believe you got that CD for $5!

Keri said...

So weird. I bought the Third Day CD today!

Lianna Knight said...

What a great list!! I'm thankful for YOU!

Kendra said...

I am gonna have to check out that CD. I LOVE Third Day!