Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Wish List

I have decided to share some of my Christmas list with ya'll. As you can see I had absolutely nothing else to blog about today. Plus I am really starting to get into the holiday season.
The Daisy Daisy Morgan bag by Vera Bradley... these are the only purses that I will carry.
I love these bags and probably get three a year.
Matching Zip Around wallet

I really want to read this book. I believe it was Lianna that mentioned it several months back and I have been wanting to read it ever since.

This movie is so funny and John Krasinski is such a hottie! Love him.

I love Karen Kingsbury and am working on reading everyone of her books.

Great casserole dish for taking places. I have plenty of dishes just not with this nifty lid.

The new devotional that I plan on starting in the New Year.

Love this sweater and in case you haven't heard; purple is the new black.
I will share more with you later.


Jen said...

Ooh! Caroline has a the diaper bag in that print! It's a little large for everyday, but it's a nice overnighter. We bought it before we knew she was a would've worked well for a boy, too.
I also love Vera Bradley! A few years ago when they discontinued the "Chocolat" pattern, I literally bought everything I could find! All of it 50% off!

Mrs. Cup said...

You have a great list!!

Krysta said...

Great stuff! I love the purple sweater. I think I might put my wish list on my blog too. Great idea!

Kendra said...

So with you on John Krasinski =-) Getting ready to watch The Office now!

Lianna Knight said...

Ahhh...I wish you would have won my Vera Bradley Bonanza...I had some of those pieces in there for the giveaway. And you are correct, I LOVED One Month to will enjoy EVERY single page. I always took notes while I was reading so I could look up the verses in my Bible. And now I have tons of notes in my Bible from that's a good one!