Friday, December 19, 2008

Sick and Super Busy

I have a sinus infection and way to much stuff to do. Tonight we have Hub's work Christmas party and while I am looking forward to going; I would also be looking forward to getting in bed and sleeping for 24 hours. Sorry there isn't a Friends and Family Friday today... I will post it tomorrow. Hopefully. We are helping my brother move into his house and then going out for Hub's birthday dinner. So until I can actually slow down for a while I will continue to pop Alieve Sinus every few hours.

I am excited that there is only 6 days to Christmas!

Krysta... I ordered a turkey from Honey Baked Ham. We didn't think we were capable of cooking one ourselves. Thanks for the tips though.


Krysta said...

Well that sounds way easier! Maybe you can use my tips some other time when you are feeling adventurous! Hope you feel better soon!

Kendra said...

Hope you feel better soon =( No one wants to be sick over Christmas!!