Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reflecting on 2008

2008 has been such a wonderful and blessed year for us. Here are some of the things that made it so special:

1- Celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary in June.
2- Beginning my 3rd year of teaching.
3- Deciding to start trying for a baby in April.
4- Struggling with getting pregnant (yes this is a blessing).
5- Finding a dr. that is very willing to help us start a family.
6- Starting a blog and meeting a ton of amazing women.
7- Hosting Christmas night at our house this year.
8- Hubs getting a promotion.
9- Family vacations and weekend trips with Hubs.
10- Much needed summer vacation.
11- Much needed Christmas vacation.
12- Landscaping our yard.
13- Hubs joined the YMCA.
14- Coaching.
15- Hubs coaching a t-ball team.
16- Finding a home church to join and meeting lots of great people.

Hopes for 2009:

1- Getting a positive pregnancy test.
2- Having a baby.
3- Losing some weight and getting healthier.
4- Standing beside my future sister-in-law and little brother as they say I do.
5-Celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary.
6- Starting Weight Watchers and joining the YMCA.
7- working on our house
8- creating a nursery
9- Continuing to grow in the Lord.

Happy New Years Eve! Please be safe celebrating the new year. We are planning on celebrating Christmas with our in-laws and Hub's brothers tonight.


Lianna Knight said...

What a great list! I am praying for you so that all your 2009 wishes come true :)

leslie ruth said...

Judging by your lists we have some things in common! Wedding anniversaries pretty close together (our 2nd was in August), teaching...and by Carolina girl do you mean born in NC or graduated from UNC? Either way, we have that in common too!

Thanks for sharing the blessings of the last year and the hopes for next. I'll join you in prayer for those!

Nicole M Wood said...

AHH We have so much in common. We would be such great buds. I love you blog, I think I have told you that already.

I am still praying for you. I do hope that we are both pregnant in 2009!!!

keep an eye out, I am going to do an update on our news. Nothing too exciting. But some good news.

Hope that you have a great weekend.

Faith said...

Great lists! Praying that God continues to work in big ways in your life this year, and praying that it is marked with a baby as well!

Happy New Year!