Sunday, December 21, 2008

The 8 Tag

I was tagged by Kendra to complete this survey.

8 Shows I Watch

1- The Bachelor
2- Greek
3- The Office
4- Reba
5- House Hunters
6- Gilmore Girls
7- The Bachelorette
8- Oprah

8 Favorite Restaurants

1- Dos Amigos (Mexican is my favorite)
2- Villa Roma (the best Italian place in SC)
3- Murphy's (college town bar)
4- Carabbas
5- Cook Out
6- Riverview (fried fish, southern staple)
7- House of Pizza (best cheese steak sub)
8- Gondola (best wings)

8 Things that Happened to Me Today

1- slept till 9am. I never do this.
2- wrapped a few Christmas gifts
3- washed a ton of clothes
4- watched a Lifetime movie with Hubs
5- took a nap (never do this either)
6- ate dinner with my parents
7- read
8- getting ready to watch the Panthers game

8 Things I look Forward to

1-finding out I am pregnant
2- being a mommy
3- growing old with hubs
4- Christmas in 4 days
5- vacation at the beach in 5 days
6- my little brothers wedding in June
7- a new semester at school
8- softball season starting in Feb.

8 Things I wish for

1- to be pregnant
2- a baby (hand in hand with #1)
3- be able to fit into my old jeans (unless of course its because I am preggers)
4- lots of books for Christmas
5- to please God in all that I do
6- to go to Disney World again soon
7- for my students to be successful in life
8- for hubs and I to grow closer to each other and God everyday.

This one has been passed around a lot lately so if you haven't done it yet consider yourself tagged.

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Thanks for playing!! =-)