Sunday, December 14, 2008

2nd Annual Christmas Swap

Last weekend we held our 2nd Annual Christmas Swap. I hate that I am just now getting to post the picutres but last week was so busy and I figured better late than never.

Lindsey, Kirsten, me, and Erin

My handsome nephew Eli playing with Frosty

The gift table

Some of the men surronding the food table

Enjoying the party

Erin and Lindsey, gossiping I'm sure

I also wanted to share a picture of my new hairstyle. All I really had done was highlights but its also straight in this picture. I have naturally curly hair although it is really easy to straighten I usually end up wearing it curly. Don't mind Hubs in this pic... we were driving down the road. We had a date night (it had been a while since our last one). We went and ate Bar-B-Que, went and saw 4 Christmas', and then went and viewed the Christmas lights in Christmas Town USA.


Lianna Knight said...

FUN!! Love the new hairstyle :)

Mrs. Cup said...

Great pictures. I love your hair!!