Monday, February 9, 2009

Blah... Monday

Hubs is out of town today. I miss him already. He will only be gone one night but I already want him back home.

I weighed in this morning and had lost 2.2 lbs. I would love to see 4 or 5 lbs in a week but I am super happy with losing anything. I think that losing it slow is better for me. I have learned so much in just 5 short weeks about portion control and calorie content. This puts my total weight loss at 11.2 lbs. I hope to lose another 2 lbs this week. It has been beautiful here (high 60's to the mid 70's) so I have spent a lot of time outdoors and I plan on doing my daily walking outside as much as I can.

This weekend was busy for us... like all weekends. Friday night I had a Girls Night Out and we had a lot of fun. Sat. Hubs and I went out to dinner and shopping with my parents and brother and future sister-in-law. Sunday we had a birthday party for my Grandma's husband (who is not my "real" grandfather. She remarried years after my grandfather passed away. We love him like he was our own though).


Mrs. Cup said...

Yay for your weight loss!!! 2.2 pounds is great!

Guy and Julie said...

11 pounds is great!! Good for you!

Kendra said...

11 pounds!! That's GREAT!!!