Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

I have so much to be thankful for. Here is this week's list:

1- Warm weather. It is 74 here today. There is nothing better than living in the Carolina's. We have softball workouts after school today and I am so excited to be outside in this beautiful weather.

2- Hair color. Superficial I know. But I love getting my hair colored and cut. Thursday afternoon I have an appt. for highlights (lightning up for the spring) and a cute. Plus my eyebrows are in a serious need of waxing.

3- Blogging. I have met so many amazing women through the blogging world. I have connected with others that are facing the same struggles I am. It is difficult to know that their are other women hurting and longing for the same things I am but it is also comforting to have others that know how you are feeling. I am thankful to have "met" these women.


Kristy said...

Girl, I am ready for some highlights (actually low-lights) too! I'm trying to grow out my hair and that looks so much more put together!! =)

Kendra said...

74!!! It's 34 here today!! It SNOWED today here!!