Friday, February 6, 2009

Bargain Shopper

I love to shop! Love it. My favorite thing about shopping is digging through the clearance racks and finding an amazing deal. This past weekend I did a little digging and am dedicating this post to sharing my treasures with ya'll.
The red dress I got for $14.00.
After a few more weeks (okay months) of WW I plan on looking just like this in the dress.

This is a church dress that I got for $7.00. It's also going to be really cute for a spring daytime wedding that we have coming up.

I also got a black formal dress that I couldn't find a picture of online. It was only $20.00

Hubs got a dress coat for $24.00 that had orginally been $140.00. He also got a dress shirt for $12. Which is a great deal since he has to wear Big & Tall clothing.

Here is Hub's new truck. This is not a picture of ours (we haven't taken any yet) but this is one I grabbed of google and it looks exactly the same.


Nicole M Wood said...

I love the dresses where did you get them? Oh car shopping... We need to do that, I just HATE it.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Kendra said...

CUTE DRESSES!!! Those are SMOKING deals my friend!!

Mrs. Cup said...

What great deals!!!

Lacy said...

You HAVE to tell me where you got those STEALS!! Those dresses are so beautiful!! :)