Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fiesta Rotini

For those of you that are following Weight Watchers; you must try this!
I got it off the back of the whole wheat rotini box.
1 box of whole wheat rotini
green peppers
chili powder
black olives
can of diced tomato's
turkey pepperoni
olive oil
cook noodles
cook vegetables in olive oil
add tomato's and pepperoni
mix in chili powder
add cooked noodles to pan
Here is what it looks like while cooking, minus the noodles.
And here is the finished product. I always serve it with 2 pieces of light bread with spray butter and garlic salt toasted.


Lianna Knight said...

This looks SO yummy! And it just so happends that I have ALL the ingredients...sounds like I might be making this tonight :) Thanks for sharing!

Lacy said...

This looks really yummy (and healthy). Thanks for sharing, I am going to try it next week!

jane in the waiting line said...

that looks so tasty! i am always looking for good ww recipes. thanks!