Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Reading Reviews

I'm going to break up my vacation posts today with a few summer reading reviews.

I read this book on my road trip and I'm not sure if it was the heaviness of the content or the fact that I was only able to read short amounts at a time but this book took me a long time to get through. It was good don't get me wrong but it was not a fast read. Worth checking out from the library though.

I just finished this book early in the week and while it started out slow it really picked up at the end. This book has also been made into a Lifetime movie that I know is being played July 23rd at 7:oopm. I already have it on my dvr.

After reading two pretty heavy books I wanted something fun. And this book delivered. I loved it and cannot wait to read more from Beth Harbison. Super fast read and loved all the characters.

I also took this book on my road trip and could not finish it. The author obviously has some ties to Coca-Cola because it is mentioned a bijillion times in the few chapters that I read. Not that I don't like Coke but I don't care to read a book about it.

What books have you read this summer?


Heather said...

I will have to read some of these! I love when you do book reviews! I just finished The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes that you reviewed a few months ago and I LOVED it.

Lianna Knight said...

I just finished Heaven is for Real and you've GOT to read it...very short and SO worth it :)