Monday, July 11, 2011

Road Trip: Whoops I forgot Nebraska

How in the world could I forget all the windmills and open, flat land?

We had to go through a detour because part of Hwy 29 was flooded. The detour took us over an hour out of the way.

We did make a slight detour towards Omaha so that we could try to get College World Series t-shirts. My parents went last year and my SC Gamecocks won. Since they were in it again this year we wanted to get shirts again. We were there on Wednesday night and since the games didn't start until Saturday we were a little too early for the vendors.

Rosenblatt was the old stadium. Last year was the last world series played there. Which btw, my Gamecocks won!

The new stadium is right downtown. And once again my Gamecocks won. Which means that they were the last National Champions at Rosenblatt Stadium and the first National Champions at Ameritrade Stadium.

We ate dinner at a local bar called Crescent Moon. I ordered a Nebraska beer.

Yummy nachos.

Instead of onion rings momma ordered fried green pepper rings. I LOVE green peppers and thought these were really good.

Sorry I forgot you Nebraska. The days really started running together after being on the road so much and seeing so many different places.


Girl in Carolina said...

The Gamecocks are awesome! What a cool trip! :) Those nachos look amazing.

Ruth said...

I want to reach through the monitor to get one of those nachos.