Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Road Trip Day 3: Where is the food?

After leaving downtown Cheyenne we had decided to wait and eat a little later in the day. The only problem was that this is all we saw, for hours...

Finally thanks (or no thanks) to Yelp Mobile we found this little place in Rawlings, Wyoming.

We should have kept on driving.

The food was expensive. And horrible.

Do you see all the parmesean cheese covering my pasta?

Same with momma's. The pasta's may have been okay if you could have tasted anything other than the cheese.

So after wasting our money on the worst food I ever remember having we were back on the road and headed towards Utah.


Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates said...

I've enjoyed reading these posts as we have made the same drive and I know all the places you are referring to. I was totally not impressed with St. Louis, either! PS-I'm clearly loving my spoon ring-thank you, thank you!!!

"The Mrs." said...

Lots of great food! ;)