Saturday, July 9, 2011

Road Trip Day 2: Whats your favorite flavor?

Day 2 of our trip was spent driving through several states. At the recommendation of my cousin we made a detour though Hastings, Nebraska to stop at the museum there.

Why stop at a museum in small town Hastings Nebraska? Because it is the town that Kool-Aid was invented in. Following is an overload of pictures.

I loved Kool-Aid Barbie.

Just a few of the Kool-Aid products.

Btw, heres a little piece of trivia... Tropical Punch is the most popular Kool-Aid flavor.

The Kool-Aid man

Do you remember when you could save points off the Kool-Aid packs and send them in and select the prize you wanted? My mom was the best about saving our points. I loved getting my Kool-Aid prizes in the mail. This is a display of many of the possible things that you could earn.

My first try at a lemonade stand. I grew up way back in the woods and there was never anyone on our dirt road to buy lemonade from me.

The musuem also had a really nice old buggy display.

Thought Daddy would like all the old bikes.

Old buggy hearst.

Does anyone else think this is scary looking?

After our detour to Hastings we were back on the road and headed toward Cheyenne, Wyoming.


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That's really cool! I had no idea that Kool Aid started there!

Ruth said...

What fun! I still have my Kool-aid pitcher and cups from the points. or rather it is at the parents.