Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Review

Monday morning weigh in was no fun this morning. I gained 1.0 lb. This weekend was horrible for eating. 2 parties and celebrating Mother's Day. UGH! This week we are very busy so dinner will be simple everyday. My goal this week is to walk at least 3 miles each day in addition to my regular cardio and weight training.

Weekend Review

Friday night we had our neighbors over for a cookout.

Saturday morning we drove up the mountain for Kirsten's graduations. It was short and sweet. Which was very nice. Here are a few pictures. There will be plenty more to follow.

Jeff and Kirs

Hubs and Kirsten

Kirs walking across the stage.

The original 4.

Hubs and I

Saturday night we had a party for Kirsten's graduation.

Sunday we went back up the mountain for my cousin's graduation party and then his graduation at 4pm. This was so long and had the worst guest speaker. After that we stopped and ate Japanese (hence the lb that I gained this week) for Mother's Day.

I got this shirt from Old Navy in a bright yellow.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend. We got to spend so much time with family. I have plenty of pictures from yesterday's graduation and both parties to share. I just didn't want this post to be 2 miles long.


Kendra said...

Super cute shirt!! Looks like a great weekend.

Lacy said...

Sorry about the pound, but that is not HORRIBLE considering Japanese and 2 parties!! What a fun weekend!! Graduations are so exciting!

b is for brown said...

it's probably water weight! love your shirt, both of them!

The Browns said...

I love that shirt & don't fret about the 1 lb., we all go up & down. I wish I could go on your 3 mile walk with you...I need a walking buddy & I don't know anyone here!