Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh La La

A new season of the Bachelorette has started. And I am already hooked. These reality shows are a not so secret obsession of mine.

BTW, I love Jillian! I think she is so pretty and has a wonderful personality.

Now on to the men... Here are my favorites:

Jake. Isn't he adorable? My #1.

Kipton. My 2nd fav.

Mike. He is really funny. And boy can he dance.

David. He froze up and couldn't talk and still got the first impression rose. I like him though.

Not so sure about:

Sasha. He is cute and has a great accent but I am on the fence about him.

Got's to Go

Tanner P. His foot fetish is super weird.

Juan. His was acting slightly psycho last night. He just looks very serious to me.

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Lacy said...

I still haven't watched it yet...but have it on the DVR!! Can't wait!