Sunday, May 2, 2010

Getting to Know You: May 2

1. Are you superstitious?
I can be. Depends on what it is about. But no, I'm not like OCD about anything.

2. If you were an animal..what kind would you be?
a dog to a really good family. I wouldn't mind a pampered life.

3. You would never catch me wearing.........?
ummm, this one is hard.

4. If someone posts a you watch it?
No, I never watch them.

5. Have you ever waxed your girlie/manly parts..or any other part of your body?
I have never waxed down there but I do wax my eyebrows. I hate to tweeze them.

6. Are you a spender or a saver?
spender without a doubt. Hubs is probably laughing at this one.

7. If you were starring in a movie..who would you want to play your leading man/woman?

Either one of these guys would be fine with me.

8. Smoker..never smoker..or smoked back in the day?
I have never really been a smoker. In college I would smoke when we went out but even then it wasn't all the time. I am way to worried about my teeth being yellow to smoke.


trooppetrie said...

came over from mannland to say hi. i love how many women chose matthew

Ann said...

i like your answer to #2! :) those dogs have the good life!

Anonymous said...

I once tried to have my eyebrows plucked - it was so painful that I nearly cried; thank goodness for waxing!

Mindy said...

I refuse to pluck my own eye brows, so waxing it is! It is well worth the $10! :)

I love the title of your blog! I grew up in a small town and loved we live outside of a small city. We still have the country living, but it's nothing like small town life. ;)