Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Fives: Favorite Photos

Today is my very first time participating in Beth's Favorite Fridays. Today's topic is favorite photos. I am a huge picture taker so is it bad that I couldn't narrow it down to just 5. I could have went on and on with this post but I reined in a little so you won't spend all day looking at it.

Hubs and I at my brother's wedding last June. I love this picture of us. It is such the perfect representation. Hubs being his normal goofy self and me always being ready for the camera.

This picture is also from my brother's wedding. I was the matron of honor (why does maid of honor sound so much younger?) and this was me doing my toast to the new bride and groom.

This was Hubs on Halloween 2007. He was doing hay rides for everyone. He really had had too many adult beverages to be operating heavy machinery.

I love this picture because it just shows how much I love my job! This is me with two of my best friends and other teachers. The girl on the right and I both graduated from the high school that we teach at. Can't you see that we still have tons of school spirit? This was Homecoming day and the football players gave us their jerseys to wear.

Classic Hubs! He is such a goofball and the worst picture taker in the world. This was us last year on the way to chaperon the Prom.

This is my little brother and I at our college's football game. Go APP!

An oldie but a goodie. Wasn't my brother just the cutest baby?

Hubs and our niece carving pumpkins back in 2007.

My wonderful sister-in-law and I at DisneyWorld in 2008. One of my favorite places in the world.

Hubs and I with all our furbabies. This was our 2006 Christmas card.


Beth McC. said...

Thanks for doing my Friday Fives! I love all of your pictures!

Kristin said...

You guys are a fabulous couple!