Sunday, May 9, 2010

Getting to Know You: May 9

1. What has been your most memorable Mother's Day? (with your mom, as a mom, or with your wife)Since I'm not a mom I don't really have a favorite Mother's Day memory. When you struggle with infertility Mother's and Father's Day don't really rank up there with Christmas and 4th of July. My own mom is my absolute best friend in the world though and I am so thankful for the lose relationship that we have. Now, that's not to say that we don't butt heads often enough.

2. Have you ever been pulled over for speeding and were you able to talk your way out of it? I have been pulled over a few times in my life. The first time I got a ticket but the second time was a week later and he saw that I did not need another ticket so he let me go. I also got pulled over late one night on my way home and the officer asked me if I had been drinking but my contacts were so dried out that I couldn't see. It was the truth and thankfully he believed me and even offered to drive me home but I told him I would be fine.

3. What's the oldest thing you have hanging in your closet? my senior t-shirt. Its 10 years old. OMG... have I really been out of high school for 10 years.

4. Do you whiten your teeth? not now but I did when I had my braces taken off 13 years ago. I do use whitening toothpaste though. I am hardcore about my teeth.

5. Underwear or Panties..What do you call your "unmentionables"? panties

6. If you could go on vacation right would you go? the beach... I am ready to lay on the beach and soak up some sun.

7. Do you get offended when people cuss on their blogs? no, I have been known to have a potty mouth sometimes. Especially when I get angry. I don't cuss on my blog though and I try not to do it in public.

8. If you had to give up one luxury item, it would be....? ummm satellite. I hardly ever get to watch tv so I could live without that.


Jules said...

My mom and I are really close too and I know what you mean about butting heads sometimes ;)

I still have my senior t-shirt in a bin somewhere. It’s one of those things I hold onto for nostalgia.

I’m definitely ready for the beach too!

I’m the same with cursing on my blog. In real life I can have a potty mouth, but I try to keep things PG on my blog.

It was fun reading this and getting to know you a little better!

Mallory said...

I pray some day soon, you will be blessed with a baby! And by the way, you have great teeth!