Sunday, February 14, 2010

V-Day and update

Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Hope you day is as sweet as can be

Thank you all so much for your prayers for my brother and our family. The hospital ran tests all day Friday and they all came back negative. They released him Friday afternoon saying that there seemed to be nothing wrong with his heart. This was after they told us all Thursday night that he had suffered a heart attack. We are so thankful that that was not the case but we are still very concerned that there is still something wrong. Hubs and I had taken my mom to the gym his was refereeing at so we were there when he passed out the second time. I have never seen anyone turn that gray before. It was the scariest thing I have ever witnessed. Please continue to pray for him. He is planning on getting a second opinion just to make sure that everything is really okay.


Lori said...

I cannot even imagine having to witness that. My husband is also a basketball referee and I cannot imagine having to see that.

I hope that they can find out some more about why that happened. Especially at his age. Praying for him and your family.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Allyson said...

Happy Valentine's Day! And yes we will keep praying!

Mallory said...

Prayers are continued!