Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Celebrity Crushes

Christine over at Sweet Sea did a post about her celebrity crushes and I thought it would be fun to post my own.

Bradley Cooper. He is just so funny and cute. I love his eyes.

Jeff Francouer. Athletes are sexy. Nuff said.

Shemar Moore. Yummy! Although I'm not liking that his teeth are prettier than mine. Actually he is just pretty all over.

Patrick Dempsey. I love how he always plays the good guy in movies.

Luke Bryan. (Country singer) He looks like the ultimate country boy; which is a big "like" for me.

Who are your celebrity crushes?


Mallory said...

I think Bradley Cooper is adorable!!!!! And Luke Bryan is too! ;)...actually all of the guys you put up are!

Lori said...

Hello Bradley Cooper!! He is one of mine! I would say Michael Buble is my current crush.

Kelly Marie said...

What a great list! I have a new thing for Channing Tatum since Dear John!!

Sonja said...

Thanks for stopping by earlier! :)

I have to agree with Shemar Moore! and definitly the baseball player! I'm a bit biased with baseball players though hahaha ;)

I'd have to go with Darius Rucker, Jake Gylenhall (sp?), Taye Diggs, and Hugh Jackman.

theres so many others but you get it haha :) XO

Allyson said...

I love me some Mc Dreamy!! I also have a thing for Richard Gere!

Heather said...

Woooo...Bradley Cooper is a h-o-t-t-i-e...and that's all I'm saying, haha.