Thursday, September 1, 2011

Can't I Stay?

I blogged last week about my amazing college town and how much I miss those days. After going and visiting my cousin for her birthday last Tuesday night I was so ready to pack up and move back.

These are the apartments that both Hubs and I lived in, although not at the same time. He lived there before I did. I think it's funny that we also lived in the same dorm but not at the same time.

We went to dinner at a delicious bar-b-que place but ended up waiting over an hour for our food and when it finally did come out it wasn't even warm. The owner was super nice though and gave us our meal for 10 for free. I've been there many many times before and would definitely go back. I think it was just the new cooks in the back and us having a big party.

Me and the birthday girl.

Now, I just need to decide what I'm going back to school for? Something that takes a while so that I can enjoy the cool weather.

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Sarah Elizabeth said...

oh girl, I haven't been back to my college town since graduation..I'm sure I would want to move back asap..such sweet memories!!