Monday, April 11, 2011

Curriculum Fair

School is winding up quickly. Okay, that's just wishful thinking. We still have until June 11th.

We have already started registering for the next school year though. Last year I got 2 upcoming 9th graders in my special education program. This year they told me that I will have 10 new 9th graders next year. Holy Cow! That is unbelievable. I am also the EC Department Chair and I was told that there are 35 rising 9th graders that are special ed.

Anyways, I got off on a tangent. The point of this post is to show you some pictures from the Curriculum Fair that our high school sponsored for the rising 9th graders and their parents.

My job would not be the same without these 2 ladies.

Each department was responsible for having a booth. This is part of History's.

Fine Arts

they had mimes.

and singing

the crafts that you see on the table are all things that my students have made as part of their projects

the English Department

Science had experiments going

Parenting and Child Development

Allied Heath and Medical Science

a couple of the small business and computer classes


the handsome Construction teacher (lol, hes my dad)

Yes, our redneck school still has Masonry and Construction

Physical Education


Our high school also has a separate program called Early College where students can be accepted into it and they take a lot of online classes and if they stay in high school for 5 years then they graduate with their high school diploma and a 2 year associates degree from our local community college. The 5th year isn't spent on campus of the high school but instead all their classes are at the college.

The EC booth again

It was a great night to meet some of our new students for next year and for the upcoming freshman to see the school and what programs we have to offer.


Anonymous said...

SO very cool!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

Wow! Your school goes all out!! Everything looks nice!

Rachel said...

Oh this is a good idea. Our school should do something like this!

Ruth said...

wow that is a lot for a small town school. I don't think mine had half that. or a fair for the 9th grad parents.