Friday, October 22, 2010

Spirit Week: Green & Gold and Homecoming Night

I am finally finishing up my Spirit Week posts even though now it has been 2 weeks since Homecoming. Friday is always Green and Gold Day with a big pep rally to end the day.
I, along with 2 of my co-workers, are over the Homecoming festivities so immediately after school we had to go and get the parade started.

Later we had pictures on the field before the game. This is Lindsey and I with Tori. She is one of our athletes and just an all around great girl.
Us with Leanna (aka Booger). Isn't she gorgeous. Her dress was so pretty.

BCHS Royalty: Homecoming runner-up, Miss BCHS, Carousal Princess, and our new Homecoming Queen.

Congratulations Miss Tori on being named the 2010 Homecoming Queen


Ashley said...

I have loved seeing your spirit week pictures! Makes me miss high school!

JMO said...

Homecoming was always my favorite week in high school!

Rachel said...

Such pretty dresses, they get decked out at your school! They don't even have a Homecoming dance at the school I work at. It makes me feel bad for them!