Monday, September 13, 2010

30 Day's:Let's Begin

I've seen other's do the 30 Days on their blogs and since I've been lacking material lately I thought I would give it a go.

So here is Day 1: Introduce Yourself

I am...

a wife
A sister-in law

a friend

a daughter

a neice, grand daughter, and cousin

a sister

an aunt

a coach

a teacher


Emma-leigh said...

Very cute!

Mrs. Davis @ The Carolina Housewife said...

Cute photos! I don't think I've seen anyone do this on a blog I read yet (except yours)--might have to do it myself :-)

Emily Dupuis Powell said...

thanks for the sweet comment! :)

Kelsey Claire said...

You are alot of wonderful things!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Those are all such cute photos! Can't wait to see more throughout the 30 days!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

I'm not familiar with your layout, but if you want to send me some pics, I will make you a header similar to mine. (You just need to be able to upload a pic as your header.) Let me know!


Amanda said...

Well, hello new follower :) Thanks for stopping by! I'm also a new follower of yours!

I've heard a little about this 30 Day thing...maybe I should look into doing it too! Have fun! Looking forward to getting to know you a little better through your blog!

Have a great night!

Mrs. S said...

definitely a good weekend to be a South Carolina fan too!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

love it! such cute pics!

Caitrin said...

I am looking forward to seeing your 30 day :)

Lindsay said...

Very nice post!! You forgot a great blogger though too! :-) Nice to "meet" you. xo

Shrimp and Glitz said...

Great idea! I might try doing this as well! I have had bloggers block SO MUCH lately!!