Friday, September 3, 2010

Bling, Bling

Yay! We all love Sandra Bullock but this post isn't about her. Instead it's devoted to her amazing watch! Also, known as "Blindside" watches (since she wore one throughout the entire movie) they are available just about anywhere. They come in every color imaginable and with their rubber bands and diamond outline they are the perfect accessory. I bought a black one a few months ago and loved it so much that I had to get a brown one too. I LOVE the white one but since it is so close to Labor Day I decided to hold off (since it is unacceptable to wear white accessories again until Easter). Has anyone else fallen prey to this new trend? If so what colors do you have?


love jenny xoxo said...

I love the watch, I haven't fallen prey to the trend but now I think I will have to!


Emma-leigh said...

i have definately fallen for it!! I bought the white one and plan to cont to wear it(eeekk... fashion patrol come get me).. it is houndstooth on the face with the diamonds and i am a huge alabama fan so i thought it would be a nice touch to my football watching attire.

Charlotte said...

I hve the white one and I think this will be the one time I break the no white after labor day rule i love mine so much!!

cait said...

Guilty! :) I have a white one that I love. I usually don't give in this easily to trends...but had to with this one.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Glad to find yours!