Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Doe, A Deer...

I have tons of things that I am trying to catch up on with my blog. So please bare with me. I didn't post about it but my birthday was on Monday. I turned 27! Gasp... I can feel 30 getting closer and closer.

Lets start with the post important thing. The SC Gamecocks beat Clemson! My brother, dad, and little cousin went and brought home this sign that is still sitting in my parents living room.

Friday night my sister-in-law, Kirsten, and I went with my parents to a our favorite steakhouse to celebrate our birthdays. Kirsten's was last Wed. and mine was Monday. These are the chocolate sundaes that our nice waitress brought us. BTW, we though we were going to have time to go home and change clothes before we went out to eat but we didn't which is why we all have on sweatshirts.

Momma and Daddy at dinner.

Hubs didn't get too go eat with us because he had been deer hunting that afternoon and got a deer. So instead of having a wonderful steak he was at his friends cleaning his deer.

Hubs in all his hunting gear.


Alison said...

Happy Birthday! Deer meat for your b'day. Not bad if the hubs will cook it too. :)

Kendra said...

Happy belated birthday Kelly!!

Guy and Julie said...

Happy Birthday--I'm turning 30 on Saturday!!!