Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Old Navy Loves

Old Navy has always been one of my favorite stores. They have the best sweater collections. After a little online window shopping here are a few of my favorites from Old Navy...

This cute sweater vest would be perfect with a brown undershirt, jeans, and my cowboy boots.

Love the color of this sweater! Doesn't it look so comfy?

Green is one of my favorite colors to wear. I love how this top looks baggy and I'm a big fan of 3/4 sleeves.
Perfect flats for fall.

Yes, please. Gotta support the local team.

I was just telling Hubs about when I was little my favorite part of school shopping was picking out my new lunch box. This would be the one I would pick this year.


Angie said...

I really like the green sweater! I love comfy sweatrers in the winter :)

Savanah said...

I love the first sweater!